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Sniper special forces

Sniper special forces

special forces is a diy tuning software that allows you to flash program the pcm via the data link connector
  • Details

    Once loaded onto your desktop or laptop computer the Special Forces diesel software opens the doors to creativity. You have the ability to improve your vehicle's performance if you have made the following modifications:
    - turbocharger (compressor wheel, aftermarktet turbo, etc)
    - nitrous oxide or propane
    - exhaust down pipe and/or full system
    - fuel system (crossover lines, pump, etc)
    - fuel injectors (single shot, split shot, mini me's)

    The Special Forces software for Ford diesels also allows you to adjust:
    - smoke control
    - throttle response
    - injection timing
    - part / wide open throttle shift points (currently only for 7.3)
    - part / wide open throttle torque converter lock up (currently only for 7.3)
    - engine rev limiter
    - speed limiter (select a specific mph)
    - idle (not all applications covered, but custom file can be supplied)
    - passive anti-theft disable

    Depending on year, make and model of your vehicle, some of the above features may not apply. For those who dont want to bother with adjustments...just disregard the above information and click on our preset power levels. Right away you can benefit from improved power, increased fuel mileage and a truck that now responds like a sports car.

    The Special Forces software allows you to create as many performance files as you wish. There's no limitation. The price of the Special Forces software also allows you to program two vehicles and you have the option of programming additional vehicles (3+) with the purchase of a Bullet.
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