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160/0cc single shot injectors

160/0cc single shot injectors

Stage I "economy" performance reman single shot injectors with the displacement increased to 160cc's of fuel retaining the factory size nozzle.

*FREE CUSTOM TUNES with the purchase of performance injectors
  • Details

    with the correct supporting mods along with proper tuning these injectors can achieve around 325 rwhp and fuel economy increases of 1-2 mpg on 99-03 trucks

    *up-convert charges may apply when using split shot cores

    *custom tuning will be necessary for 99-03 trucks to allow for a smooth idle (FREE with injector purchase)

    *your chip must be sent to POWER-STRUCK to be reburned if you should choose to receive FREE tunes. supported hardware includes: TS, (TS style 6 position) BullyDog, ATS, Sniper, DeltaForce and POWER-STRUCK style chips.

    FREE custom tuning upgrades can be applied to new chip purchases when ordering injectors with a chip.

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